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1 a lining applied to the edge of a garment for ornamentation or strengthening
2 an ornamental coating to a building [syn: veneer]
3 a protective covering that protects the outside of a building [syn: cladding]
4 providing something with a surface of a different material [syn: lining]
5 the act of confronting bravely; "he hated facing the facts"; "he excelled in the face of danger" [syn: face]

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  • /ˈfeɪsɪŋ/ /"feIsIN/


  1. rail transport of points and crossovers To diverge in the direction of travel.


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  1. The most external portion of exterior siding.


The most external portion of exterior siding

Verb form

  1. present participle of face

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Facing, (also known as blocking or conditioning), is a common tool in the retail industry to create the look of a perfectly stocked store (even when it is not) by pulling all of the products on a display or shelf to the front, as well as downstacking all the canned and stacked items. It is also done to keep the store appearing neat and organized.
The workers who face commonly have jobs doing other things in the store such as customer service, stocking shelves, daytime cleaning, bagging and carryouts(in grocery stores), etc. In some stores, however, facing is done only by the stockers. Facing is generally done near closing time when there are fewer customers and also while the store is completely closed. In busier stores it may be done constantly.
In department stores it may be referred to as recovery, as in the store is recovering from the rush of customers that affect the model appearance the store wants to portray. Merchandise may be put in the wrong area or leave a mess on the floor that needs to be picked up which is part of the recovery process.
Facings also refer to the amount of shelf space a particular product is given. Lots of facing generally increases sales of a particular product, therefore manufacturers will pay more money to get more facings for their products. This inevitably leads to situations where the largest manufacturers end up with the most amount of facings because they are able to pay the most.

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